9Labs revolutionary app Polarix.io wins GOLD at PMDigital 2022

We're winners!

9Labs revolutionary app Polarix.io for creating, utilising, localising and tracking Scientific Communication Platforms has now been awarded GOLD for Innovation at the PMDigital Awards 2022

Software made by people like you for people like you

We’re passionate about providing a unique ecosystem of revolutionary, best practice software solutions for the pharma and biotech industry.

Software made by people like you for people like you

Industry heritage

At 9LABS, our strong heritage in global healthcare communications means our team have personally struggled with many of the challenges faced by pharma and biotech teams in their day-to-day work. Frustrated with many of the inadequate systems and processes in place, we have used our insights to develop a range of solutions specifically designed to overcome them.

9Labs has a wealth of industry heritage
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Our goal

Everything we do is geared towards making your life easier and making you look good.  All of our 9Labs web applications are easily accessible, user-friendly, interactive, collaborative and designed to work in the real world. Furthermore, our apps are designed to connect to each other and work together as well as on their own, minimizing wasted effort, and ultimately saving you time, energy and money.

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